Ideas do not equal language!

We write to communicate.
(with ourselves, ourselves in the future, etc.)

Writing is language, and all language is communication.

Symbols, gestures, body language, speech
Human beings are insanely perceptive to body language.

Dragon's of Eden by Carl Sagan

Jacob Bronowski
Genetic Knowledge: instinct, information we are born with
Extragenetic Knowledge: you start to gain this as soon as you come out of the womb, it comes to us during our lives
Most species rely almost solely on genetic knowledge.
We, as humans rely heavily on extragenetic information.
Every single person is born with the ability to speak.
Extrasomatic Knowledge: information stored outside of your body
Extrasomatic knowledge is useful to humans because we can't remember all extragenetic knowledge or knowledge in general. It helps create permanence of ideas and makes them travel further.

Language is a medium between two brains.

Ideas = brains = signified

Language = the world outside of our brains = signifiers

Ideas do not equal language!

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