Figure 1: Banh Mi Sandwich

In our Grammar and Composition class, we like to know about words. We like to know a whole lot about words. And quite frankly, sometimes a dictionary doesn't cut it. For example, The Merriam-Webster Dictionary New Edition defines the word sandwich as, "two or more slices of bread with a layer (as of meat or cheese) spread between them." Well . . . that's actually a pretty good definition. But what about the word smile? "A change of facial expression to express amusement, pleasure, or affection." That's garbage! Plus, this definition of sandwich doesn't tell us about any of the awesome sandwiches found all over the world, like the Banh Mi (Fig. 1), native to Vietnam. Nor does it tell us how to make a sandwich , or where the word sandwich comes from in the first place! And this definition of smile gives us no clue what a smile looks like, let alone how many different kinds of smiles there are all over the world.

The point is, dictionaries don't define words, people define words. Dictionaries are just tools that help people. So this wiktionary is a place where we can better define the words that we use everyday. We've made sure to talk a lot about what makes words interesting and different. Plus we're including pictures and videos to better illustrate our points. Take that Merriam-Webster!


Loud Independence Love Incognito
Confidence Game


Loud Independent Love Incognito
Confidence Taegukgi Skull


If you are a visitor, you can ignore this portion. It's mostly to help EAS students know what I will be grading them on, and help Ms. Diana guide the students as they create their pages.

Students! You may be wondering, "What is a wiktionary?" Well, a wiktionary is a dictionary that we create together. It is a living document, so this year, you will post your entries here, and next year more students will post their entries, and ten years from now, there will be hundreds of words examined by you and other EAS students.

You will be using Thursday and Friday in Ms. Diana's ITC class to add to this class wiktionary. You have already written your entry in my class, it's your definition essay! Now your job is to publish your entry on this wiki. As you know, website's don't just include text, but pictures, videos, drawings, links, interesting formats and backgrounds, etc. You must turn your entry into a kinetic, dynamic, fantastic, page. If you would like a good example of what you must do, take a look at Ha Nuel's page on skulls. It's kind of awesome.

Highest grades will be assigned to those entries which:

  • Are published in a manner that is easy to read and appealing to look at
  • Include no less than three photos which illustrate their word in a meaningful way
  • Include no less than one embedded video clip which illustrates their word in a meaningful way
  • Include no less than six words in their entry which hyperlink to outside webpages, teaching the reader more about their word.
  • Hyperlink your entry back to the main wiktionary table of contents
  • Include a bibliography for all outside sources quoted within your entry
  • Are free from conventional errors of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.
  • Follow all instructions given by Ms. Diana for publishing the entry on this wiki, including layout design, hyperlinking, and editing HTML

Good luck, and make sure to ask LOTS of questions. Geniuses ask LOTS of questions!